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By clicking the "SUBMIT" button below, you understand and agree that CentreLink Investments Ltd. ("CentreLink") may provide to you by electronic means any required legal disclosures, notices and communications in connection with your application for Housing. You acknowledge your intent to sign this Pre-Qualification Application and that this shall constitute your electronic signature as described under Section 15 of the Ghana's Electronic Transactions Act 772 (2008). You further represent and warrant that the information supplied by you in this Pre-Qualification Application is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief, and that you have authority to submit the information to CentreLink Investments Ltd. The submission of this Pre-Qualification Application does not obligate CentreLink to provide you with any housing needs whatsoever, and that approval of your application and the extension of any housing services to you by CentreLink may occur only after the management of CentreLink approves your application.

Applicants should ensure that information and documents provided are genuine or application will be rejected without refund.