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Terms & Conditions


All residents of the hostel shall abide by the following rules of occupancy:

  1. All residents are to use the room allocated him/her for residential purpose only
  2. Residents are forbidden to sublet or assign the room to any other person or allow any unauthorized person(s) ‘percher’(s) to live in the room allocated them.
  3. All occupants of a room where a “Percher” is sheltered shall suffer the same and equal sanction of eviction.
  4. The room allocated to the occupant, shall be shared with one/two/three/ other occupants. This notwithstanding, each occupant shall be bound by these Rules of Occupancy.
  5. Occupants cannot swap rooms allocated to them without the knowledge and approval of Hostel Management.
  6. For the safety of residents, visitors entering the hostel whether alone or in the company of a resident shall be subject to security search and would be required to sign the visitor’s book. Residents are to co-operate in this regard.
  8. Residents are not to cook in their rooms or any part of the premises except in the designated kitchens.
  9. Each resident will be a given a key on arrival and should be returned to the porter at the end of the semester. Residents are not allowed to make duplicate copies of their room keys.
  10. Residents are responsible for the cost of electricity for their respective rooms.
  11. Residents are not to engage in any act which amounts to a nuisance or inconvenience to other user(s) of the premises including drumming, whistling, hooliganism, quarrelling, shouting etc. inside the hostel,.
  12. The hostel is strictly a no smoking area.
  13. The drinking of alcohol and the use of any narcotic drugs or other banned substances is PROHIBITED. Offenders shall be dismissed and handed over to the law enforcement agencies.
  14. Residents are not to engage in any acts that will deface the premises such as fixing pictures or photographs or notices on the wall, the compound or immediate surrounding either of temporary or permanent nature.
  15. Residents are not to park vehicles in and around the premises except at designated spots approved by the Hostel Management or the University authorities. Residents and visitors park vehicles at their own risk.
  16. Residents must note that absolutely nothing should be put on the balcony walls.
  17. Damage to hostel property shall be charged to the offender. All residents shall be required to fill the Room Inventory Form.
  18. Residents shall accord CentreLink Management in charge of the premise the greatest respect and comply with the directives given from time to time.
  19. For the purpose of repairs and maintenance, CentreLink officers may enter and inspect the rooms in the absence of the occupants except that as far as practicable prior notice will be given.
  20. All residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. Any resident who refuses to keep their rooms clean will be subject to removal from the hostel.
  21. Any complaint or request by an occupant about use of the hostel shall be lodged first with the Front Desk Officer on duty for redress. If there is no response within 12 hours, the attention of Management should be drawn to the problem.
  22. Every occupant shall vacate the room at the end of the period for which payment has been made. For the avoidance of doubt, occupants shall VACATE the room with all belongings not later than 3 days after the University’s published date for the end of the semester or academic year as the case may be.
  23. The use of naked light such as candles, lanterns, incense etc. is prohibited in the hostel
  24. Residents are advised not to tamper with any electrical wiring or plumbing work, fittings and fixtures in their rooms.
  25. Ponding is prohibited in the hostel. Any offender will loose his or her residency.
  26. All residents are to note that for security reasons, the main entrance will be locked at 23:00 GMT and opened at 05:00 GMT daily. During this time, the security officer could be alerted to let residents in or out of the hostel upon providing hostel identification card.
  27. Any resident who breaks any one of these rules will be ejected from the hostel IMMEDIATELY